Langley Solutions is an Integrated, multi-disciplined construction and engineering services provider business based in Western Australia. Since inception we have earned and maintained a reputation for integrity, ingenuity and performance in the delivery of end-to-end project solutions across the mining, residential and industrial sectors.

We are a privately owned family business with a highly experienced management team who have shared a wealth of experience in project delivery across a broad range of projects over more than 40 years.


Langley Solutions head office is centrally located in Welshpool, with works and storage depots located in Kewdale and Kenwick. We operate across Western Australia and occasionally interstate and overseas.


Langley Solutions offer a comprehensive range of services in the following areas;

  • Complete Mine Infrastructure Works
  • Civil Works
  • Concrete
  • Structural, Mechanical & Piping
  • Pipelines & dewatering
  • Wet Plant & Equipment Hire

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As an integrated, multi-disciplined construction and engineering services provider, we can supply all of the expertise and equipment to deliver high quality end-to-end solutions for project delivery.

We operate a comprehensive fleet of modern, well maintained plant, equipment and vehicles and employ a range of specialised and customised tooling, equipment and attachments to enable us to safely and efficiently complete the most arduous and technical tasks.

At Langley Solutions, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations and surpassing targets. Our project management team is committed to keeping clients well informed and delivering on promises. Our diverse and highly skilled workforce, combined with our highly experienced management team bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, experience and intelligence to bear when coming up with solutions to project challenges. This co-operative approach to problem solving, combined with our pro-active project management techniques, open and honest communications and enduring commitment to mutual success means smooth project delivery and predictable positive outcomes both for our clients and our business.

Project teams are assembled based on their relevant skills, knowledge and experience to suit the specific demands of every project. This means the right skills mix is maintained throughout the project lifecycle, minimizing downtime, delays and reworks.


Here at Langley Solutions we believe strongly that our people are our greatest asset. We are constantly seeking outstanding personnel across a range of trades and non-trade areas who are flexible, approachable, motivated and down to earth. We hold ourselves to very high standards in the areas of behavior and culture, workmanship, safety and communication and are proactive in ensuring our high standards are always maintained.

We hold regular meetings with all of our employees and provide regular feedback on their performance and track their development against career development plans which are prepared for each full time employee.

We generally operate a buddy system for new starters, where a new starter (regardless of position or previous experience) is paired with an employee who has been in the business for a while to introduce, guide, answer questions and generally ease the new starters’ transition into the company and the relevant site.

Our employees will be the first to tell you, Langley Solutions can be an interesting, challenging and rewarding company to work for!

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Langley Solutions are committed to the mutual success of every project. This commitment begins at the tender phase where we conduct a detailed tender review with the estimating and management teams. This ensures we have all of the relevant information required to ensure we are only taking on projects where we can guarantee good outcomes for ourselves and our clients. We ensure that we have the appropriate knowledge, skills, equipment and financial capacity to efficiently deliver the project within the given schedule. We take the time to prepare detailed, accurate tenders where all of the detail of our offer is clearly explained and easy to understand.

Following award, a comprehensive suite of documentation is prepared such as project methodology statements, project specific safety management plans, inspection and testing plans, QA checklists and so on. Our strength in project planning in remote areas means that project personnel, equipment, and materials are on site, ready to deliver on or before the required dates.

Safety is always our number one priority at Langley Solutions and it is something we ensure our personnel are constantly aware of. Our culture of open, inclusive discussions around safety and proactive management and supervision of all site personnel ensures that hazards and their relevant controls are communicated, reviewed and managed effectively. These tools have allowed Langley Solutions to maintain an impeccable safety record with no LTI's or MTI's recorded to date.

Effective communication and project management is one area where we take particular pride in our performance. With many years of managing projects, we know how frustrating it can be for clients when the contractor is not responsive to the reporting requirements of a project. Our commitment to effective project management and communication ensures that documentation and reporting is delivered on time, every time throughout the project lifecycle.


Matt Langley
General Manager

M: 0413 212 545
P: 08 9175 0546

E: admin@langleysolutions.com.au
W: www.langleysolutions.com.au


PO box 279, Newman, WA, 6753
10 Willis Street, Newman, WA, 6753