Langley Solutions is an Integrated, multi-disciplined construction and engineering services provider business based in Western Australia. Since inception we have earned and maintained a reputation for integrity, ingenuity and performance in the delivery of end-to-end project solutions across the mining, residential and industrial sectors.

We are a privately owned family business with a highly experienced management team who have shared a wealth of experience in project delivery across a broad range of projects over more than 40 years.


Oreclean is a specialist contractor offering a complete spillage mitigation and cleanup solution for conveyor and fixed plant spillage.

Using our fleet of specialized cleaning equipment and our highly trained and experienced team, Oreclean can safely and efficiently clean under and around all types of conveyors, fixed plant and bulk materials handling equipment. This equipment and our team allow us to offer an extremely cost effective solution, whilst minimising plant down-time and maximizing reliability.

For More information, see the Oreclean website

Our Values

  • Integrity - Consistently and predictably upholding our personal responsibility to be open, honest and upfront in all of our dealings
  • Professionalism - Carrying out all tasks before us with an appropriate level of skill, knowledge and care. Taking pride in all aspects of the way we present ourselves and our work
  • Accountability - Acknowledging and assuming our responsibility for our actions, both as a company and as individuals
  • Persistence - Maintaining the effort, morale, faith in ourselves and our piers and resolve to achieve the outcomes required, regardless of challenges and setbacks
  • Leadership - not only taking responsibility and being accountable for our actions, but also having the caring and courage required to guide others
  • Membership - Acting in an inclusive manner to ensure that all members of the team feel valued for their contribution, are well informed about the project and the company and feel free to express opinions and share ideas
  • Creativity - Applying our collective knowledge, skills and experiences to find new and innovative ways to solve problems, and fostering an open and inclusive environment where ideas can be shared and debated freely
  • Community - always behaving in a manner that keeps us in harmony with the community and other stakeholders around us.

Our Committment

  • Delivering a good product for a fair price, on time, every time
  • Always striving for mutual success on every project, and being accountable for the outcomes
  • Understanding client's needs
  • Communicating and reporting effectively
  • Providing a safe, friendly, enjoyable and rewarding workplace for employees
  • Providing training to enable employees to up-skill and advance within the business
  • Building a sustainable business to the benefit of all employees and clients


Matt Langley
General Manager

M: 0413 212 545
P: 08 9175 0546



PO box 279, Newman, WA, 6753
10 Willis Street, Newman, WA, 6753